International Second Medical Opinion


This program offers an expert, International Second Opinion for high complexity pathologies and for diseases that are difficult to diagnose or treat. This program offers to:

  • Confirm a diagnosis and/or treatment
  • Provide the newest and the best therapeutic alternatives and scientific advances
  • Send tissue samples for comparative biopsies
  • Provide a medical follow-up


International Medical Treatment



HCG offers the complete coordination of high complexity treatments, surgeries and specialized studies throughout our international network, granting our clients and patients

  • Access to the most prestigious international institutions and doctors worldwide.
  • Access to the most competitive hospital costs and professional fees.
  • Coordination of appointments with the best medical specialists, pre-surgery studies, surgeries and special treatments.
  • Services such as travelling, lodging, billing, payment, etc.
  • An accompanying physician to international medical center.


Pre-Admission for Surgery and/or Transplants



This program coordinates all of the necessary pre-treatment procedures

  • Coordination of all pre-admissions studies.
  • Personal consultations with the best specialists at the medical centers of choice.
  • Inclusion on international organ waiting lists.


Access to an International Transplant Network



This program offers access to our transplant network, composed of the most prestigious and experienced hospitals. These renowned institutions are part of UNOS-United Network of Organ Sharing, which provides patients the possibility of finding an organ for the transplant, the inclusion in the organ waiting list and related services.

The following transplants are offered through UNOS:

  • Bone Marrow
  • Heart
  • Kidney
  • Lung
  • Heart-Lung
  • Kidney-Pancreas
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
We shall be in charge of providing:
  • Assistance in choosing the appropriate international medical center.
  • Patient evaluation and help for inclusion on the waiting lists.
  • Admission and pre-transplant care.
  • Coordination of transplant surgery.
  • Post-transplant care and follow-up.
  • Information and guidelines on immuno-suppression care and post-surgery life style.



Search and Localization of Medicine



If your doctor prescribes a drug that is not available in Argentina, we will locate and help in its acquisition so that you can count on it.


Revision of Biopsies



Blocks and slides will be sent for review in order to determine the most effective treatment.



Consultations on Rare Illnesses



Genetic diseases, metabolism congenital diseases, neurological diseases like muscular dystrophy, myasthenia gravis, myositis, hematological and oncological diseases, hemolytic anemia, histiocytosis X, leukemia, autoimmune diseases and others.

This service provides:

  • Information on new methods of diagnosis and protocols for research.
  • Guidelines for a better life.
  • Information on medical centers and international treatments.




National Second Medical Opinion



This program offers access to a National Second Medical Opinion on high complexity pathologies and diseases that are difficult to diagnose or treat, through our Consultants' Network in Argentina. It provides:

  • Examination in every medical specialty.
  • Personal appointments with any specialist of the patient's choice.
  • Complete coordination of corresponding studies.