Business Area

  • Business Planning.
  • Marketing Strategy.
  • New Product Development.
  • Launching of New Products and Pricing Policy.
  • Studies based the Market, Demands, Quests and Business Opportunities.
  • Design of Add Cash Value and Client Retention Factors.
  • Development of Sales and Distribution Channels.
  • Sales Force Training.



Service Area



Assistance in Health and Life Insurance to Insurance and credit cards companies and banks.

  • Study and Design of General and Specific Policy Conditions.
  • Reinsurance Analysis, Negotiation and Cooperation in the Selection.
  • Technical Spreadsheet, Actuarial Calculations, Risk Analysis in order to obtain the national approval.
  • Assistance in Defining Policy Conditions and Limits.

Assistance to HMO's and Unions

  • Management: High Complexity Medical Attention Abroad, Disease Management, Cost Containment.
  • Case Management, Follow-up.
  • Medical Consultations with Auditors of Health Plans.
  • Second Medical Opinion, both national and international.
  • Cost Estimates for medical attention or treatment abroad.