Some of Our Strategic Alliances:




Children's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A., one of the best pediatric hospitals in the USA, affiliated with Harvard University.






Metropolitan Life, one of the most important insurance companies in the US, has chosen HCG to provide its clients in Argentina with access to international medical services.




Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, certified as one of the best and most prestigious cancer hospitals in the US and the world. It has been praised for its development and experience in cancer treatment and research.




Jackson Memorial Hospital at the University of Miami, an institution ultra specialized in high complexity medicine and transplants. We have a strategic alliance with this institution to participate in its Disease Management Program, with access to its operational, administrative and technological support for the development and implementation of this program.




Hospital For Special Surgery, in New York, ranked number one in orthopedics and rheumatology among US hospitals.






The Academy for International Health Studies and the American Association of Health Plans organize annually the International Summit on the Private Health Sector, an important international conference that explores the challenges posed by world health economy, the global trends in health reforms and the opportunities of the managed care market. Dr. Horacio Krolovetzky, HCGs President, has been named delegate by both institutions to represent the Summit in Argentina.



St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital and Texas Heart Institute, cardiology hospitals in Houston, Texas, renowned in the US and the world as the best in their specialty.



The Embassy of Israel holds among its missions the promotion of Israeli culture, art and science through multiple activities meant to establish links and foster the interchanging of experience in diverse areas of culture, science and economy. It is one of its functions to promote bilateral commerce with Argentina. Therefore, its offices in Buenos Aires provide information about Israeli economy, industry and technology, organize stands at different exhibitions and promote the participation in Israeli exhibitions.



Embassy of Canada in Buenos Aires, Embassy of Canada in Buenos Aires: Canada and Argentina keep a rich relationship that during the last decade has shown unprecedented growth and dynamism. Their goals are promoting and protecting Canadian economic interests in Argentina and Paraguay and providing assistance to Canadian companies that have chosen Argentina to market their products, services and technology. The commercial department also provides services to Argentine companies by identifying Canadian providers of products and/or services that best suit their needs.




Health Consulting Group is a member of:



Argentine-Israeli Chamber of Commerce. HCG is developing commercial links between Argentina and Israel in order to enhance the trade development between the two countries and to take advantage of the resources and technological know-how that Israeli companies can provide to the health and medical sectors of Argentina.



American Chamber of Commerce in Argentina (AMCHAM). HCG is working closely with AMCHAM, strengthening our ties to the most important hospitals and clinics in the US.



Marketing Association of Argentina has been recently invited to contribute and we provide our support and our knowledge on healthcare and marketing services. HCG was recently invited to coordinate the Commission on the Marketing of Services.



Medical Marketing Association (MMA). MMA provides education and development to promote excellence in marketing to the healthcare sector. Through its interactive programs, HCG develops tools that favor direct communication between patients and doctors, maximizing marketing efforts and providing relevant information to a target audience. These tools also help to build strong bonds between patient groups, sponsor companies and the medical community.